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Tyler Joseph

About Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph is the lead singer of the Columbus, Ohio duo ​twenty one pilots with his best friend Josh Dun, which was formed in 2009. His only album as a solo artist, No Phun Intended, was recorded while he was in high school.

Many of the songs from his solo project were later re-recorded or used in some of twenty one pilots music. For example, his “I’m a Goner” was the basis of “Goner”, and his song “Street Poetry” was later expanded upon and named “heavydirtysoul”.

While Tyler was in college he collaborated with Jocef Michael (or Jocef as he’s normally called), another Christian artist from Ohio. They collaborated on “Dollhouse” and “Live” as well as the twenty one pilots' song “Be Concerned.”

Tyler (like bandmate Josh Dun) is a Christian, and most of his music includes Christian themes and imagery in the lyrics, for example, “Screen” and “Goner.” He was also inspired by dc Talk.

He is married to Jenna Black.