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Prince of falls

About Prince of falls

Neo-psychedelia artist, Prince of Falls (Samuel Iyere), approached a particular interest by combining elements of Indie Rock, Hip Hop and RnB in his music. Born in Nigeria, Samuel moved to London at the age of 10 for a better life, which conspired in him getting into violent situations at school, resulting in him being expelled.

It was until he was in College, when his friend Zeeshan encouraged Samuel to clean up his act and pursue his dream in making music. Which later resulted in Samuel curating his own London based rap crew “Pirates Paradise.”

In 2015, Samuel debuted his first track called “It’s not that deep” on SoundCloud under his first stage name as “INTHEZONE,” which eventually grew thousands of streams. He later released his first EP titled “Hard to explain.” At this point, Samuel was an undergraduate student at the University of Canterbury Christ Church which he later decided to drop out a few months into his course due to funding issues. However, he decided to remain in Canterbury but that concluded in Samuel being evicted from his student house.

By this point, it had been a while since further music had been released and this is when “INTHEZONE” became “Prince of Falls” as Samuel discovered the sound he wanted represent artistry.

A year later, Prince of Falls released an EP, titled “Darktomb” which was available on all streaming platforms. His sound consisted of variations of different types of melodies and after a few months, his single produced by Foreign Heat “Marlboro” was picked up by YouTube bloggers, resulting in the song becoming a sleeper with currently over three million plays on the platform.