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Obregon 979


About Obregon

Juan Andrés Obregon, known professionally as Obregon, is a Venezuelan Latin music singer, songwriter and record producer.

Juan was born into a family of five in Caracas, Venezuela at March 24, 1998. At the age of 14 he started learning to play the guitar and was part of an indie-rock band, functioning as the composer, singer, and guitarist. After a few years he decided to follow his own path and began to write songs as a solo artist.

Juan performed golf at such a level that he got offered a scholarship to play golf in the USA. Despite the big opportunity, he followed his heart and decided to go for his musical career. At the age of 19 he moved away from his home country and family in Venezuela to follow the study Music Media & Arts at the University of Marburg.

He was looking for something new. The music he was making felt like ‘trying to be someone else’. In August of 2017, Obregon released the English tropical song Take Me, together with Venezuelan producer OLYK and singer Mariana Thielen.

To kick off 2018, Obregon teamed up with compatriot Victor Porfidio to release an official remix for Lemmaroy’s song Fault Lines on Sony Music Mexico at the beginning of February.

That same February, Obregon released Que Quieres De Mi, a single that would set the tone for his future career and would be the official start of his career as a Latin artist.