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About NSG

Comprised of members Kruddz, Mxjib, Mojo, OGD, Dope Boy and Papii Abz, NSG is a group from Hackney which composes music from the afro bashment genre.

The members of the group are of either Ghanaian or Nigerian descent. Some of them came here at a young age, around eight and ten years old, others were born in the UK. Quite a few have been back too – or “sent back”, as they put it, without naming names – to their home country for a few years. It’s this cross-continent movement and upbringing that’s lead the group so easily to create their fusion of a sound, placing them at the peak of the movement that’s spreading not just across London but the world too.

All of the members came together while studying at Arts & Media School Islington. All of them that is except for Mojo, who they joke is “the one we found and looked after”.

You’ll likely know them for their track “Yo Darlin’”, a dancefloor ready bop amassing an impressive amount of views and streams. Or maybe it’s from “We Dey”, a track Noisey named as one of their favourites of 2016 and described as being “an anthem that’s as melancholic as it is celebratory”. Or if, somehow, you’re an artist or embedded in the scene you’ll remember NSG from “Whine and Kotch (Afrobeats remix)“ – their debut single in December 2013, which brought the group to immediate controversy and fame within their local scene.
Since then and the release of “Yo Darlin’”, the group have released new music such as a track with Not3s called "Pushing Up”, which is a perfect demonstration of NSG’s sound. The group have also recently featured in a track with Geko called “6:30” which (once again) is a banger.

Amongst their scene, NSG were one of the pioneers of the Afro Bashment sound you hear today across Spotify and streaming into the streets.