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Noah Mac

About Noah Mac

Noah Mac is an American singer-songwriter from Dublin, California, with a hauntingly raw indie-alternative soul sound, influenced by old school rhythm and blues.

The start of his musical career began in the aftermath of heartbreak when he, at the age of seven, was asked to sing at his older sister’s funeral. Out of tragedy, inspired by his sister, Stevie, and her fight with brain cancer, he devoted himself to music and performance.

At the age of 10, he taught himself to play the piano after school. Before long, he also started to teach himself guitar, eventually leading to him beginning to write. In the years to follow, he started to showcase his talent to the world, performing his own music at coffee shops and town events.

In 2017, at 17 years old, Noah’s career had a breakthrough. He released his debut EP, Light in April. In October, he participated as a contestant on Season 13 of The Voice.