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Daylyt 133


About Daylyt

The most controversial and entertaining battler of all time. He has a tattoo on his face inspired by the comic book character Spawn. Surrounded by controversy, he has been the talk of the town for a few years.

Daylyt has become famous through his antics, including the following:

  • dressing up as:
    a slave
    the Headless Horseman
    Neo from the Matrix
    a KKK member
    a Crip in a box
    Daylyt’s Whitefaced Cousin Bradley Campbell
  • shitting on stage
  • getting naked on stage
  • showing his penis on stage
  • running out of a battle
  • actually passing out on stage
  • smearing his ballsweat on his opponent’s face
  • Pulling out an umbrella mid-round
  • rapping in slow-motion
  • Having his wife twerk in slow-motion
  • Having several “Neo’s” mimicking him on stage
  • Bringing out a fake Loaded Lux
  • Throwing “thinking caps” in the crowd
  • laying down to literally sleep through his opponent’s round
  • Saying he wanted to fuck P Diddy
  • Choking an audience member
  • Slapping himself in the face with his own ball sweat
  • Explaining a pseudotheory on how Lil Uzi Vert is Lucifer
  • His most famous antic and prop, however, is his ski-mask.

Although Daylyt is known for his antics, he actually has some of the most advanced wordplay, schemes and punches in the game.

Below is a list of all of Daylyt’s battles:
Nocando vs Daylyt (2008)
Daylyt vs Acero (2008)
Locksmith vs Daylyt (2009)
Daylyt vs Pass (2009)
Daylyt vs Blackheart Adonis (2010)
Cocky vs Daylyt (2011)
Philly Swain vs Daylyt (2012)
Daylyt vs Danja Zone (2012)
Daylyt vs Rich Dolarz (2012)
Born vs Daylyt (2012)
Spee Dollar vs Daylyt (2012)
Skelly vs Daylyt (2012)
Daylyt vs Interstate Factz (2013)
Daylyt vs Shotty Horroh (2013)
Lotta Zay vs Daylyt (2013)
CT vs Daylyt (2013)
Daylyt vs Phonetic (2013)
Dialect vs Daylyt (2013)
Daylyt vs Manaz Ill (2013)
Daylyt vs KG The Poet (2013)
Daylyt vs DDouble (2013)
Daylyt vs Emerson Kennedy (2013)
Daylyt vs Getcha (2013)
Daylyt vs Cityy Towers (2013)
Loe Pesci vs Daylyt (2013)
Mycall Millions vs Daylyt (2013)
Daylyt vs Head ICE (2013)
Xcel vs Daylyt (2013)
B. Magic vs Daylyt (2014)
M. Ciddy vs Daylyt (2014)
Daylyt vs Scheme (2014)
Daylyt vs Chilla Jones (2014)
Billie Dutches vs Daylyt (2014)
Ab-Soul vs Daylyt (2014)
Charlie Clips vs Daylyt (2014)
Arsonal vs Daylyt (2014)
Dizaster vs Daylyt (2014)
T-Rex vs Daylyt (2014)
Daylyt vs O'fficial (2014)
Daylyt vs Real Deal (2014)
Daylyt vs Aye Verb (2014)
Daylyt vs Progrest (2014)
Pat Stay vs Daylyt (2014)
Daylyt vs Serius Jones (2014)
Daylyt vs Quest McCody (2014)
Moses West vs Daylyt (2014)
Ab Hoggish vs Daylyt (2014)
Daylyt vs Uno Lavoz (2015)
Daylyt vs Tsu Surf (2015)
Rone vs Daylyt (2015)
Daylyt vs Mad Child (2015)
Daylyt vs Ooops (2015)
Daylyt vs Danja Zone (2015)
Iron Solomon vs Daylyt (2015)
Daylyt vs D Chain (2015)
Daylyt vs E. Farrell (2015)
Daylyt vs B. Dot (2015)
Daylyt vs QP (2015)
Daylyt vs O-Red (2015)
The Saurus vs Daylyt (2016)
Daylyt vs Yung Ill (2016)
Daylyt vs J Murda (2016)
Mike P vs Daylyt (2016)
JC vs Daylyt (2016)
Daylyt vs John John Da Don (2016)
Daylyt vs Gjonaj (2016)
Cortez vs Daylyt (2017)
Osna vs Daylyt (2017)
Daylyt vs Bangz (2017)
Mickey Factz vs Daylyt (2017)
Daylyt vs Element Rhymes (2017)
Daylyt vs T-Top (2017)
Daylyt vs Ill Will (2017)
Daylyt vs Loso (2018)
Daylyt vs Ron Compton (2018)