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Beloved Antichrist


About “Beloved Antichrist”

Composed by Christofer Johnsson and Christian Vidal, with lyrics by Per Albinsson, Beloved Antichrist is a three-hour long epic rock opera inspired by Vladimir Solovyov’s A Story of Anti-Christ. With twenty-seven unique characters, the whole album runs an impressive three hours.

The opera’s narrative revolves around Seth Thanos (aka “Antichrist”), who is of Russian and Greek ancestry. Seth’s parents died early in his life and he, being a brilliant student, dedicated his studies to medicine in order to battle these diseases while also taking a liking to theological studies. After a time in his studies, he came to embrace Christianity, even claiming that he has direct communication with God and that he is the second Son, who will redeem mankind where Jesus did not.

“Beloved Antichrist” Q&A

  • "PRESIDENT: Leader of All-the U.S.E" in Never Again. What does U.S.E mean?

    U.S.E. stands for “United States of Europe.” It’s a fictional “covenant” established between the people in the future setting in which this opera takes place. See the song bio on the first track, Turn from Heaven, for a bit more information on the setting.

  • Does anyone has the "libretto" of this amazing work?

    Yes. You can get the digital libretto by purchasing the album from iTunes.

  • I will buy the album in CD Album. Is there a Libretto on the cd case too?

    That question would be better suited for Nuclear Blast Records or the retail seller of the CD album.

Album Credits

Album Credits

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