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There's Really a Wolf


About “There's Really a Wolf”

There’s Really A Wolf is Russ' debut album after 10 years of hard work. The highly awaited album follows up his previous 11 projects and over 250 singles. As is his entire catalog, this album is strictly produced, mixed, mastered, and written by Russ himself.

The album includes a collection of his favorite songs from the past three years as well as hit singles such as 2015’s “Pull The Trigger,” “Losin Control,” “Do It Myself,” and “What They Want.”

In an interview with DJ Semtex on BBC Radio’s 1Xtra channel, Russ explained his motivation for releasing the album and it’s title:

I was crying wolf for so long I had to prove to people that there’s really a wolf.

“There's Really a Wolf” Q&A

Album Credits

Album Credits

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