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Monstrous Things


About “Monstrous Things”

Kyle Hollis said that

Monstrous Things is a continuation of the debut self-titled EP we put out independently last December. With the new songs on the EP, I focused the majority of the writing about the end of a six year relationship that left me in a dark place. I just wanted to sleep until I felt better, as if I were physically sick, but I wasn’t even safe when I was asleep. Every dream I had ended the same dismal way. I ended up shutting myself off from the world for about a year and a half. Towards the end of the relationship I started writing letters to my ex because it was the only way I could get her to respond to any form of communication.”

PICTURESQUE PREMIERES 'MONSTROUS THINGS' EP - Equal Vision RecordsEqual Vision Records
Picturesque is now premiering their new EP, Monstrous Things, which will be out tomorrow on November 20 via Equal Vision Records. The EP can be heard now at Youtube.com/equalvision. The new EP is comprised of three songs from their self-released, self-titled EP and three brand new songs, all of which were recorded with Erik Ron (Hands Like Houses, Set It Off, I the Mighty) in Los Angeles.

“Monstrous Things” Q&A

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