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Smino Accuses GoldLink Of Biting His Lyrics On New Single “Meditation”

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The two rappers recently dropped some very similar bars.

Earlier this week, Washington, D.C. native GoldLink released his new single “Meditation,” which features Jazmine Sullivan and KAYTRANADA. The song is produced by Kaytranada, who has previously worked with GoldLink on songs like “Sober Thoughts” and “On and On.”

On the first verse, GoldLink raps about a love interest:

I still see ya, I still see ya
Doin' everything that we said we gon' do
Girl I still see ya, I still see ya
Puttin' all my pride and my girls to the side
‘Cause I still see ya, I still see ya
Smokin’ all my weed, bend the corners in the streets

Later in the verse, he adds:

I got a light-skinned bitch who look like Beige Loaf
And she fight and fuck me in the same clothes

Recently, St. Louis rapper Smino insinuated that GoldLink had stolen lyrics from him by posting an unreleased demo track titled “Cassette”:

In the clip, Smino raps lines that very are similar to GoldLink’s:

I still see you, I still see you
Doing everything, when I eat, when I sleep
I can still see you
Smoking all my weed
Bending corners through the streets
I can still see you
I got a light-skinned thang beyond the bread
I call her beige loaf
She always want to know how my days go

It’s not clear how GoldLink would have heard “Cassette,” although Smino is managed by Chris “Classick” Innumerable, who also runs Classick Studios. Goldlink has previously recorded at the studio, as evidenced by its online client list. Both artists also performed on the same bill at Grinnell College in May of last year.

GoldLink later responded to the accusations:

You can read all the lyrics to GoldLink’s “Meditation” on Genius.