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Where Will You Go?


Where Will You Go? Lyrics

Woe to you, earth and sea
Who may hold the lock and key?
Lift from me infant smiles
Chase the sleep from my newborn eyes

Eyes with the light of true disciples
Turn to behold your new way
Where will you go, beloved brother
Into the judgement day?

Lamb of God, names divine
Rise but soon shall decline
Stars of old raise their spears
Crack my shield, pierce my tears

Dark is the night that leads from heaven
Floating on light - a true hell
Hear, can you hear a choir of angels
Bid you a last farewell

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About “Where Will You Go?”

Chapter 1. Scene 1.
This track introduces the listener to Seth Thanos, whose voice and thoughts we hear first. Here, he expresses his ambitions – to redeem mankind – to his local parishioners and bids them farewell before embarking on his journey.