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Turn from Heaven


Turn from Heaven Lyrics

Birth of the sun
And all therein has been reclaimed

We're all as one

Turn from heaven
Turn from heaven

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About “Turn from Heaven”

The setting for the opera, hinted at in this introductory track, is the not-too-distant future. A massive solar storm destroys all electronics on Earth in the year 2046, forcing human society back in progress, and throwing all nations into political and societal chaos. After some time, Europe becomes the birthplace of a new civilization and industrial-era technologies are redeveloped. In the aftermath of this disaster and turmoil, Christianity once again becomes a pillar of society. Most people feeling that separate nations are no longer needed, the covenant of the United States of Europe (U.S.E.) is created, the President of which resides in Berlin.

This track establishes the unity of the people of U.S.E. and their religiosity.