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Five Nights at Freddy's: Night 1 Lyrics

[Phone Guy] (spoken)
Uh, Hello? Hello, hello?

Hi, I'm Phone Guy,
Pleasure to meet you.
I'd like to leave a few quick words.
Freddy's friends can be a bit

Blah, blah, blah.
That's completely absurd

Bonnie, Freddy
Time to get ready.

Midnight already?

Time to play!

Hey, I heard they hired a new guy

And it's his first day.

I'll try out all the cameras
To see what they do.
Let's check the animatronics,
Did one of them just move?

Don't be dumb
That's insane
Look they're standing all the same
'Cept for one
Could it be
Bonnie staring right at me?

[Chica] (spoken)

[Bonnie] (spoken)
Oops, sorry.

(Mark screams)

What's that sound?

Seems to be screaming.

Everything's seeming
Slightly strange.

Let's say "hi."
He seems a bit jumpy

How do these cameras change?
They're heading here just to eat me
Like juicy
Flesh fruit

Or maybe they'll all stuff me
Inside a Fazbear suit
Seal the doors
Hit the lights

Hey new guy are you alright?

Stay away
Leave me be

Don't be scared
It's only me

[Chica] (spoken)
Maybe we should leave him a note

(Instrumental Pause)

[Chica] (spoken)
Oh no, he sounds like he's in trouble

Foxy, are you there
The new guy's trapped inside

They're breaking down the door

He sounds so terrified

Hold on,
Foxy's come to get you

Is that something in the vent?
Why's it smell like
Blood and mucus?

That's our natural scent


I need a disguise to hide in.
A mask, or
A head.

Hey, Chica, check the kitchen.
I think that camera's dead.

Don't blink.
Don't breath.
Don't move.
Please, Foxy, leave.

(Baby I love you plays)

What's he doing?

Sealing the air vents.

New guy, don't!
You need fresh air!

Wow, I'm feeling kinda loopy.
'Least I don't feel

[Bonnie] (spoken)
Oh no.

[Chica] (spoken)
New guy forgot to wind the music box.

[Mark] (spoken)
Huh, what the heck do I need a music box for?

To keep the puppet sleeping!

(Mark screams)

[Chica] (spoken)
New guy's using too much power!

[Bonnie] (spoken)
New guy, open the door! You're gonna blow a fuse!

[Mark] (spoken)
Get this thing away from me!

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About “Five Nights at Freddy's: Night 1”


Markiplier’s first night on the job, and he has no idea what the heck is going on. This song is not only the audience’s intro to the series, but Mark’s intro to the animatronics. Thinking they are here to kill him, he freaks out like the Markiplier fans love seeing. Really, though, they’re just trying to help him.

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