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Bendy and the Ink Musical

Random Encounters Entertainment

Bendy and the Ink Musical Lyrics

Hi! welcome to the Sillyvision Animation Studio, where magic is made and dreams really come true! .... Our, uh, tour group is a little small today, but uh, no worries! So's our animation studio!
This is the most important room in the facility; where we house our incredible ink machine!

(verse 1)
Come get a look
It's nothing like you've seen
It's my trendy new Bendy Ink Machine
So amazing it's crazy
Believe me, it's true
Allow me to show what my ink machine can do!

Come take a peek
'Cause nothing else compares
There's no fee, so feel free to stop - and stare!
From the spout to the sprockets and the bits in between
I'm in love with my ink machine

Hmm... Productivity is a little low... maybe we can fix that!

(verse 2)
Such simple work; it's practically obscene
That I'd choose not to use my ink machine
Twice the speed, half the work in a third of the time
Convenience so genius it oughta be a crime

Waste's at a low, efficiency is high
Every load's up to code and certified
Sure, there's kinks, quirks, and hiccups,
But they're far-flung between!
Nonetheless I still think the best of my ink machine!

(verse 3)
How could one resist this perfectly pristine
Eco-friendly patent pending Bendy Ink Machine!

Here's to my new ink-credible machine
Overclocked, fully stocked, and squeaky clean
No device is as safe or as sleek in design
No chap's apparatus has half the class of mine

See top-end tech
And luxury combined
It's indeed guaranteed to blow you mind
It can speak for itself if you know what I mean
It's my praised and reputed
*Ink not included
Exclusive ink machine!!!!

So, uh.... That was the ink machine!
Now, let's head past the gift shop over to the sound department!
I hear they're working on a musical episode.

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About “Bendy and the Ink Musical”


This is a stop-motion musical about the smash hit game, Bendy and the Ink Machine. Bendy is voiced by famous Game Theorist Matthew Patrick, or “MatPat” in this comical musical by Random Encounters!

"Bendy and the Ink Musical" Track Info