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Official Cammie 7,836

AKA: Cameron Tidwell

Cameron Ryan Tidwell, better known by his stage name, Official Cammie, is up coming an American Singer/Songwriter. Producer from Pennsylvania. He has been writing since 2015. He started producing music in 2016.

He has worked on songs that have been incredibly successful. Some of the most Popular is “The Written Truth.” is my most Popular that Includes R&R, Giovanni123455678

*! Completed IQ’s….“
• 10 IQ: [Completed]
• 50 IQ: [Completed]
• 100 IQ: [Completed]
• 500 IQ: [Completed]
• 1,000 IQ: [Completed]
• 5,000 IQ: [Completed]

IQ GOAL: 10,000 IQ

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